Integrating Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL & Spark in an Analytics Environment

– Re-Defining Your Architecture for Data & Analytics


This one-day workshop is aimed at getting Data Scientists, Data Warehousing and BI professionals up to scratch on Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Flink, Analytical SQL, NoSQL DBMSs and Multi-Platform Analytics. What is Big Data? How can you make use of it? How does it integrate with a traditional analytical environment? How do you re-define your architecture to create a stronger analytical foundation for your company? What skills do you need to develop for Big Data Analytics? All of these questions are addressed in this new knowledge packed workshop.


IT directors, CIO’s, CDO’s, IT Managers, BI Managers, data warehousing professionals, data scientists, enterprise architects, data architects


Attendees to this seminar will learn:

  • How Big Data creates several new types of analytical workload
  • Big Data technology platforms beyond the data warehouse
  • Big Data analytical techniques and front-end tools
  • Understand when to use what where – business use cases for different Big Data technologies
  • How to create a stronger data and analytical architecture by integrating Big Data, data science, data warehouses and BI
  • How to integrate real-time data into your data warehouse
  • How to analyse un-modelled, multi-structured data using Spark MapReduce & Hadoop
  • How to leverage predictive analytics in BI reports & dashboards


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