Navigating AI and Data: From Integration to Reusable Data Products (Data Virtuality)

Wednesday, November 29   |   4:00pm – 5:00pm GMT


Webinar overview

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, thanks to innovations like ChatGPT and other generative AI programs. But, amid this excitement, many businesses are left pondering a critical question:

How do AI and data management really fit together?

In this webinar, we aim to demystify the role of AI in data integration and management. We will clarify common misconceptions regarding business leaders’ expectations and help identify AI use cases best suited for various business needs. Here’s a glimpse into the topics we’ll be talking about:

  • AI Overview & Executive Expectations
  • AI Types & Business Applications
  • AI & Business Use Case Matching
  • AI & Data Quality Dependency
  • Data Challenges in AI Utilisation
  • Data Identification & Quality in Distributed Estates
  • Overcoming Data Hurdles: On-demand integration & Reusability
  • Speeding Up AI Development: Access to Reusable, Integrated Data Products

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of how AI and data management go hand-in-hand in the real world, this webinar is for you.

Join Mike Ferguson, independent IT industry analyst and consultant and Dr. Nick Golovin, CEO and founder of Data Virtuality sharing their knowledge and strategies on navigating AI and Data.