Real-Time Analytics – The Route to Continuous Risk Management and Business Optimisation

Posted by Mike Ferguson | November 28, 2014 | Blog

Several surveys this year have indicated a significant rise in the importance of analytics. These include the BI Survey 2014, the 2014 Wisdom of Crowds® Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study and the Information Week 2014 Analytics, BI, and Information Management Survey which highlighted the top two factors driving interest in advanced analytics as: The […]


Data Life Cycle in A Big Data Environment

Posted by Amanda Dascalakis | April 13, 2014 | Blog

The arrival of Big Data has seen a more complex analytical landscape emerge with multiple data stores beyond that of the traditional data warehouse. At the centre of this is Hadoop.  However other platforms like data warehouse appliances, NoSQL graph and stream processing platforms have also pushed their way into the analytical landscape. Now that […]


Struggling with Your Big Data Strategy?

Posted by Amanda Dascalakis | March 1, 2014 | Blog

Two weeks ago I attended the popular Strata conference in Santa Clara California where, frankly the momentum behind Big Data was nothing short of unstoppable.  3100 delegate poured into the Santa Clara Convention Centre to see a myriad of big data technologies. Things that stood out for me include the massive interest in the new […]


Is Self-Service BI Going to Drive a Truck though Enterprise Data Governance?

Posted by Amanda Dascalakis | February 1, 2014 | Blog

There is no doubt that today self-service BI tools have well and truly taken root in many business areas with business analysts now in control of building their own reports and dashboards rather that waiting on IT to develop everything for them. Using data discovery and visualisation tools, like Tableau, Qlikview, Tibco Spotfire, MicroStratagy and […]


Agile Governance in the form of Automatic Discovery and Protection Is Needed to Create Confidence in a Big Data Environment

Posted by Amanda Dascalakis | August 23, 2013 | Blog

The arrival of Big Data is having a dramatic impact on many organizations, in terms of deepening insight. However it also has an impact in the enterprise that drives a need for data governance. Big Data introduces: New sources of information Data in motion as well as additional data at rest Multiple analytical data stores […]


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