Intelligent Business Strategies

Intelligent Business Strategies is an independent IT analyst, consulting and training company specialising in business intelligence, machine learning, data management, big data and business integration to build the Smart Business.  Mike Ferguson, CEO of Intelligent Business Strategies, is also the Chairman of Big Data LDN.

Our business intelligence/analytics expertise includes augmented BI platforms, enterprise performance management, machine learning, graph analytics, natural language processing, and data visualisation.  Our expertise also extends to monitoring business operations, in real-time, using event processing, streaming analytics and decision management, as well as integration of on-demand BI, machine learning models and decision services into core business processes and applications for continuous business optimisation.

We also specialise in Big Data Analytics including machine learning of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data on Cloud Storage, Spark, Graph analytics on Graph NoSQL databases and cloud analytical relational databases.

With respect to data management, we offer expertise in data strategy, data architecture, data mesh, lakehouses, cloud analytical databases, data engineering, data virtualisation, data catalogs, data classification, data observability, data governance including data quality, master data management, data privacy, data access security, data sharing, data loss prevention, and data retention.

Our expertise extends to integrating analytics and data services with business process management, SOA, iPaaS, applications, portals and mobile technologies, both in the cloud and on-premises.

We work with our clients to define strategies that help them select and use technologies to improve processes, make better decisions and achieve enterprise-wide execution of corporate business strategy through collaboration and sharing of business insights.  This includes acting as the link between business and IT, to tie technology to business strategy, designing enterprise architectures, evaluating and selecting products, and leading complex implementation projects. We also conduct research, write product reports and white papers and teach master classes in:

Building the Smart Business

We have worked for Fortune 1000 companies, software vendors, venture capitalists, consulting firms and prominent universities.

Areas of consulting:

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