Migrating your Data Warehouse to the Cloud

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For most companies today the attraction of cloud computing is too tempting to ignore and one of the areas that is high priority is analytics. Many companies are looking take advantage of new technologies available on the cloud for real-time analytics, machine learning and analysis of huge volumes of multi-structured data, to add to what they already know.  However, given that their core analytical systems are data warehouses and data marts sitting in their data centres, it’s not surprising that migrating these systems to the cloud is high on the agenda.

This 1-day course details what is involved in migrating data warehouse and data marts to cloud based Analytical Relational DBMSs such as Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Snowflake and Teradata Vantage on Cloud.


  • What should be in a Data Warehouse migration plan
  • Pre-migration preparation
  • Defining a data warehouse migration strategy
  • The risks that can threaten the chance of success and how-to de-risk a project
  • How to migrate a data warehouse schema, data and ETL jobs and security while minimising impact on business users
  • Understanding SQL differences
  • Whether you should you migrate an existing data warehouse ‘as is’ or try to make changes during migration?
  • Existing data warehouse DBMS specifics you need to know about in a migration
  • Migration tools to help you


  • Module 1: The data warehouse migration challenge
  • Module 2: Design and performance considerations in a data warehouse migration
  • Module 3: Migrating data, ETL processing and loading
  • Module 4: Data warehouse security and operations migration
  • Module 5: Migrating data visualisation and reporting
  • Module 6: Minimising SQL differences during migration
  • Module 7: Cloud data warehouse vendor and 3rd party migration tools
  • Module 8: Beyond data warehouse migration – moving to a modern data warehouse on the cloud


Click here for the full brochure