Mike Ferguson - CircleMike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an independent IT industry analyst and consultant he specialises in business intelligence / analytics, data management, big data and enterprise architecture. He has over 38 years of IT experience:

  • 30 years in BI and Corporate Performance Management
  • 38 years in Data Management
  • 16 years in Smart Business
  • 9 years Big Data Analytics (Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Graph DBMSs, ….)

Mike has consulted for dozens of companies on BI/Analytics, data strategy, technology selection, enterprise architecture, and data management. Mike is also conference chairman of Big Data LDN, the fastest growing data and analytics conference in Europe.  He has spoken at events all over the world and written numerous articles. Formerly he was a principal and co-founder of Codd and Date Europe Limited – the inventors of the Relational Model, a Chief Architect at Teradata on the Teradata DBMS and European Managing Director of Database Associates. He teaches popular master classes in Data Warehouse Modernisation, Big Data, Enterprise Data Governance, Master Data Management, Building, Managing and Operating an Enterprise Data Lake, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, Fast Data and Real-time Analytics, and Data Virtualisation.



MervAdrianMerv Adrian
Vice President at Gartner

Mike Ferguson is one of the most cogent thinkers and powerful speakers on topics surrounding business intelligence and data management topics I’ve had the pleasure to join forces with. His clear, articulate voice bespeaks his deep comprehension of the issues that matter, and his insight into his customers’ needs and opportunities is born of an inquiring mind and a research diligence that has led him to profound understanding. His experience and analysis will be a great asset to anyone fortunate enough to engage him.
January 27, 2011, Merv worked with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

ArvindKrishnaArvind Krishna
General Manager, Development and Manufacturing, Systems and Technology Group at IBM

Mike is a thoughtful, knowledgeable analyst in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing and IT infrastructure. He is thought provoking and pushes one towards the future. At the same time, he is pragmatic about what can be accomplished. It has always been a pleasure to work with Mike Ferguson, as the business agenda is always advanced at the end of the discussion.
January 29, 2011, Arvind was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

BlankHeadshot-blueAllan Russell
SAS Fellow at SAS

I first worked with Mike at the beginning of the Data Warehouse wave in the early 90’s – we have had a series of subsequent contacts and engagements – the most recent in the Summer of 2011 where he was instrumental in helping us set up better contacts with a data appliance partner. I have always found Mike good to work with and a good listener who takes care to understand our issues before he comments.
October 28, 2011, Allan was Mike’s client

ChristineAshtonChristine H. Ashton
SVP Technology, Thomson Reuters

A fine example of a first class service provider and someone very knowledgeable about their subject.
October 7, 2012, Christine H. was Mike’s client

MichaelBorgesMichael Borges
Partner at Deloitte

For the past almost 15 years I have known Mike to be an excellent independent analyst of the Information Management space. I consider Mike to be among the technology thought leaders of our industry, and he has provided great insight and value every time we have used him as a keynote speaker.
February 8, 2011, Michael was Mike’s client

RichardWinterRichard Winter
Expert in large scale data management: big data and data warehousing

Mike Ferguson is an insightful and experienced analyst, knowledgeable on a broad range of topics and technologies related to business intelligence and data integration. It’s been my pleasure to know him and interact with him as a colleague in the business intelligence field for over ten years. We have presented seminars together in Europe and have met together with vendor clients many times in the US. I recommend him highly to all those seeking to understand technologies and develop strategies and architectures in the information management field.
February 18, 2011, Richard was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

RobertEveRobert Eve
Data Virtualization Marketing Director at Cisco Systems

I originally hired Mike to develop a white paper describing ideal adoption patterns for data virtualization technology. The reason I selected Mike for this project was his broad experience in information management and his intuitive sense for how to match IT architecture with business solution.

This project was a collaboration where we iterated on concepts and formats in a process that resulted in a great finished result. Further, the work, now over 3 years old, has stood the test of time. That’s a tribute to Mike’s prescient vision.

I still work with Mike on an ongoing basis in his role as one of Europe’s leading IT analysts. I value his counsel and friendship. Plus he keeps me up to date on Manchester United.
October 28, 2011, Robert was Mike’s client

EdizErtekinEdiz Ertekin
Field Operations at SnapLogic

I had the opportunity to work with Mike during my Informatica days as an industry expert in ETL/data integration space. He has been keynote speaker and presenter in several executive events. While we benefited from Mike’s knowledge at Informatica our customers worked with him to gain guidance and direction. He was instrumental in helping clients to make right decisions and set the right strategy for integration needs. He has been a great asset working with IT executives. I am looking forward to work with Mike when the right opportunity arises.
February 13, 2011, Ediz was Mike’s client

RobKloppRob Klopp
Senior Director, Technology & Innovation for HANA, SAP

First, Mike and I worked together at Teradata in the early 1990’s. Mike’s understanding of databases and of the data warehouse market were invaluable to our product planning activities.

Recently we asked Mike to keynote a small conference for key partners. The organizer struggled to get other speakers and Mike reached deep into his address book to find two excellent speakers and save the event. Then, Mike delivered an excellent keynote address that wove the themes we required with several creative and new ideas and he stole the show.

I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs a deep perspective into the data warehouse and business intelligence markets. Mike understands both the technology and the business applications of the technology. He is really good…
October 28, 2011, Rob was Mike’s client

AllanWilleAllan Wille
President & CEO, Klipfolio Inc.

Mike has a wonderful breadth of experience and insight as a BI industry expert – having a firm grasp on both customer needs and vendor trends without being swayed by industry hype. I had the pleasure to work with Mike in person at our offices – his approach is insightful, clear and to the point.
January 28, 2011, Allan was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

ColinCharlesColin Charles
Independent Financial Consultant

Mike was integral in the shaping, development and implementation of the Business Intelligence systems at Mitsui. His clear thinking and vision enabled us to move quickly and to create a platform which soon became business critical. Mike is a great person to work with – he is clear and direct in his thinking and discussion – but happy to explore alternate views.
January 28, 2011, Colin was Mike’s client

DarrenCunninghamDarren Cunningham
VP Marketing at SnapLogic

Mike is one of the smartest people I know. He is a pioneer and visionary in the world of data warehousing, data integration and business intelligence and his research is top notch. He is also great to work with.
January 31, 2011, Darren was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

BertOosterhofBert Oosterhof
Director of Technology at Informatica

Mike is one of the few people that combines: in depth software architecture knowledge, bridging the gap between Business and IT people, being able to present and explain his insights to small and larger audiences and being a pleasant person to work with. Any company that needs guidance on how to get the most value out of their data-infrastructure should talk to Mike.
January 28, 2011, Bert was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

ArnfinnIstadArnfinn Istad
Program Manager at Det Norske Veritas

Mike did an excellent job on a BI project for Walleniues Wilhelmsen. The CEO at WWL Arild B. Iversen accepted Mike’s solution, and BI software was purchased and the solution implemented according to Mike’s recommendation. The payback from the project was above expectations.
January 29, 2011, Arnfinn was Mike’s client

EspenSelbaekEspen Selbæk
Senior Manager at BearingPoint

For the last 10 years in consulting I have had the pleasure to work with Mike Ferguson on several clients and in several settings, in QA roles and educational knowledge seminars.

Mike is one of the most knowledgeable persons I know in enterprise architecture, BI and DW architecture, information management, enterprise data quality and master data management.

Mike has a quite unique ability to speak great with both C-level business side, C-level IT side and chief enterprise architects having the true business value in mind at the same time as being really insightful when it comes to the gritty details on the architecture.

Mike invest much time in being on top of what goes on in the vendor space, speaking directly to the vendor top architects, and is very insightful in not only what is going on right now but also what will happen in the future.

I truly recommend Mike for how he is bringing value into customer engagements. I hope we will get the opportunity to work together again in some of my future assignments.
February 27, 2011, Espen was Mike’s client

RichardNeale2Richard Neale
Director, EMEA Marketing at Birst

I have worked with Mike many times and have always found him extremely knowledgeable on the BI and DW industry and market. Mike has a great ability to understand both the business benefits as well as understand the technical aspects and is particularly good at communicating this to all types of audiences.
November 29, 2012, Richard was Mike’s client

JasonBissell2Jason Bissell
Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan at Birst

Mike has the capacity to understand the complex demands on todays Enterprise IT and in particular Information/BI strategy. Once understood, Mike calmly advises on how to optimize performance based on business priorities.
March 30, 2011, Jason was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

DaiCleggDai Clegg
Director of Marketing Strategy at Big Data Partnership

I have received briefings from Mike on various technology landscapes. His presentations are always meticulously researched; they avoid the death-by-powerpoint syndrome that grips some of his peers and are engagingly presented, clearly backed by deep subject matter expertise.

I have also briefed Mike as a technology vendor, and he’s one of those analysts you must have your best game face on to brief. Strategy by arm-waving and grandiloquence wouldn’t get you far with Mike.

October 28, 2011, Dai was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

AlanGormleyAlan Gormley
Integrated Marketing Management Specialist at SAS Ireland

Over the years, I’ve found Mike to be an excellent analyst to work with. He has a deep understanding of the industry, a clear vision for his clients and always brings a point of view beyond the obvious. From a personal perspective I find him very easy and engaging to work with.
February 16, 2011, Alan was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

ZachWahlZach Wahl
Principal, Knowledge Management and Taxonomy at Enterprise Knowledge

I strongly recommend Mike Ferguson. Over the many years I’ve worked with him, I have consistently been impressed by his depth of knowledge on a wide array of technology issues. He is truly a thought leader, combining a keen understanding of business and technology. He combines this depth of knowledge with a fantastic personality and attitude.
February 2, 2011, Zach was with another company when working with Mike at Intelligent Business Strategies

RichardEastRichard East
Managing Director at Active Influence

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike over a number of years. He has that level of in-depth knowledge that only comes from experience as a seasoned practitioner. His technical knowledge, coupled with an understanding of customer business issues sets him apart. Mike’s market insights have been invaluable both internally to IBM and at some of our largest customer conferences, where he’s been a popular presenter and panelist. I cannot recommend him highly enough…
January 27, 2011, Richard was Mike’s client

BlankHeadshot-blueRichard Brayshaw
MI Services Lead at Atticus Associates

Since 2004 I have called upon Mike’s unique blend of wide experience and in-depth marketplace knowledge to help inform and guide decisions on major project issues, especially in BI, MI, data warehousing and master data management. His hard work and dedication to his selected areas of expertise is second-to-none, which makes him the ‘go-to guy’ for assistance and direction with the technological challenges that have come my way. He has cultivated a truly formidable, global network of contacts and resources to draw upon, giving him the VERY latest views on even the most rapidly evolving market sectors. An amazing resource to have on one’s side.
January 27, 2011, Richard was Mike’s client

HazelCattellHazel Cattell
Project Manager (Infrastructure) at Oxford Brookes University

We first discovered Mike by attending his workshop on Portals and it was excellent. As a result of this workshop we employed Mike to evaluated the design of our data warehouse project which assisted us in making key decisions for moving forward on this project. Mike was instrumental in provoking the ideas and actions for setting up the Data Team at Thames Valley Police and his workshop on the Management of Corporate Data was invaluable in outlining the steps we needed to take to introduce this concept and make best use of resources.
November 30, 2007, Hazel was Mike’s client

DanielGrahamDaniel Graham
Teradata R&D Enterprise Systems

Mike is a talented person with great insight, excellent work ethics, and he is easy to work with. Don’t let his friendly easy going manners fool you. There is a massively parallel computer in his head cataloging a bazillion facts and implications in the IT industry, and he gets it right a lot more often than his peers. Highly recommended. Hire him for anything he agrees to do and it will be done right. He is also the first to say “I don’t have that skill” so he won’t overcommit himself.
September 3, 2007, Daniel was Mike’s client

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