Consulting to IT Organisations and Business Users

For companies seeking to exploit new and evolving intelligent business technologies, we:

  • Help companies integrate intelligent business applications into the operational business process.
  • Help CIOs and architects identify and design an infrastructure that can support an intelligent business.
  • Help architects and designers to compare, evaluate, and select new technologies and tools.
  • Help implementers incorporate new technologies into their in-house IT environments.

On large complex projects, our technical skills combined with our experience in application and system development can foster communication among the participants, e.g. business analysts, database administrators, programmers and systems analysts.

Consulting to Vendors

For vendors who develop and market intelligent business products, we:

  • Work with product designers and architects on the design of new products. This may involve education about related products and technologies, research and analysis of competitive or synergistic products, conducting and participating in focus groups, group brainstorming sessions, and creating new product designs and specifications.
  • Support product managers or marketing managers with competitive analysis and product positioning. This usually involves research, analysis, writing reports or papers for internal use, and presenting our findings.
  • Assist product marketing managers with the technical aspects of marketing. This may involve writing press articles or white papers, and developing and presenting keynote presentations at user groups and conferences, or at marketing seminars.

IT Research Services

Software competitive product analysis and individual product evaluations

  • BI technologies
  • Data Warehouse Appliances and DBMSs
  • Performance Management technologies
  • Master Data Management technologies
  • Business Integration technologies
  • Technology research briefs
  • Usage and Requirements Surveys
  • Technology white papers
  • Web Seminars
  • Blogs

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