Modern Data Architecture

– Building a Foundation for the Data Driven Enterprise

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In the last five years, digital transformation has reshaped data management presenting new challenges and opportunities including:

  • Data complexity caused by many more data sources with data now stored in SaaS applications, on multiple clouds, on-premises and streaming in from the edge
  • Business units are buying data catalogs to help understand, govern and provision data
  • Multiple new siloed analytical systems like streaming analytics, lakehouses and graph databases have appeared beyond the data warehouse offering alternative new data architectures
  • Data modelling seems to have disappeared
  • Data engineering is now happening everywhere and new technologies like Data Fabric and Modern Data Stacks have emerged offering way more than ETL

Simultaneously CEO’s now see data and AI as strategic and needed in every part of the business. They are demanding a way forward to speed of development.

So how do you make sense of all this? Is there a future for the data warehouse? Is data modelling dead?  With so many competing data architectures, which one is best?  How do you meet all requirements and prevent chaos?

This new 2-day class looks at this problem. By attending it, you will learn how you assess your existing environment, look at the considerations, define future requirements and design a new modern data architecture that modernises your data warehouse, and makes it possible to merge it with multiple analytical workloads like data science, streaming analytics, and graph analysis. You will also learn how the architecture allows you to use a data catalog, and data fabric and data observability to build resilient DataOps pipelines to create a data mesh of reusable data products published in a data marketplace that help shorten time to value by enabling new insights and AI to be delivered more rapidly.


CDOs, CIO’s, IT Managers, CTOs, Business Analysts, data scientists, BI Managers, data warehousing professionals, enterprise architects, data architects, solution architects, Business Intelligence Specialists, IT strategists, Database administrators, IT consultants


  • Module 1: What is Data Architecture?
  • Module 2: Assessing Your Existing Data Architecture
  • Module 3: New Data Architecture and Technologies Options
  • Module 4: Considerations for Designing, Managing and Operating a Modern Data Architecture
  • Module 5: Defining Your Future Data Architecture Requirements
  • Module 6: Designing an Innovative New Data Architecture
  • Module 7: Getting Started


Click here for a full brochure