Achieving Governance, Agility and Reduced Time to Value In An Increasingly Complex Data Landscape (Big Data LDN Meetup)

Posted by Amanda Dascalakis | June 7, 2019 | Videos

In most organisations, the demand to analyse data continues to grow exponentially. New data from many new data sources are now being captured and new types of data stores are being created on multiple clouds as well as on-premise data centres. The result is that the data landscape is becoming increasingly more complex, making it […]


The Business Value of Master Data (Semarchy Webinar)

Posted by Amanda Dascalakis | April 5, 2019 | Videos

Watch this presentation for an expert’s view on how to define and measure the business value of managing this data. Learn about creating a data strategy, defining key requirements and placing master data at the centre of it. Industry expert Mike Ferguson recommends actions to maximize the business value you can derive from your master […]


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