Behold The Intelligent Workspace

If any of you have got teenage kids you’ll probably know what Myspace is or at least have heard them talking about it. Well try applying the concept inside a business and you begin to start to realise where we are heading here. Employees with their own workspaces and who are members of shared collaborative workspaces. The former is the employee personal workspace, the latter is where people working on projects together and people who are interested in the same information meet, share and collaborate.

In a collaborative workspace you have shared information (e.g. structured and office documents, BI reports, collaborative content) collaboration tools (to email and instant message people, shared calendar, threaded discussions…..), search, shared subscriptions etc. In a personal workspace you have what you are interested in and what is relevant to your role within the enterprise, e.g. Your emails, your collaboration tools, your RSS feeds, your favourite content, your blog, your tags, etc.

Now add BI and Performance Management into the mix and you get “Intelligent Workspaces” be they collaborative or personal. In intelligent workspaces (some may call them performance workspaces) you can search for reports and metrics, get real-time alerts, subscribe to RSS feeds on BI Metrics and new reports that you am interested in, collaborate with others to share BI. Individuals have MyScorecard with MyObjectives, MyDashboards, MyKPIs, MyAlerts. BI cannot do this on its own. But yet this is what many companies are now demanding. So consider how you plan to integrate. Integrate CPM and BI with portals, collaboration tools and content management to give us role intelligent workspaces all in your browser or integrated into you office applications. If you are already there, please let me hear from you and please share your experiences. It would be great to hear from you. If not drop me a note and I’ll try to help out. As always you can get me here


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