BI Vendor adoption of Web 2.0 Emerging

Following my recent series of articles on Web 2.0 and BI on the B-Eye-Network, it is exciting to see BI products pushing their way into the BI market embracing web 2.0. Several vendors such as Information Builders and SAP (Business Objects) have released BI Mashup tools recently but the one vendor that caught my eye is Antivia, a small Australian company based in Sydney that is really embracing communities and social networking with their product.

As web 2.0 edges towards becoming mainstream in the BI market (probably 2009 timeframe) expect to see more adoption of richer interaction in user interfaces and more collaboration capability to share BI for joint decision making. If you are already using Web 2.0 in BI applications and tools in your organisation please share your experiences on what works and what doesn’t.


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