Enterprise Information Integration Products to Watch

This blog entry is co-authored by Mike Ferguson and William McKnight (link) and is being cross-posted on our blogs.

Many questions arise about what vendors supply solutions in the market place for enterprise information integration (EII).

There are two main types of EII vendors in the marketplace:

  1. Model driven federated query EII vendors
  2. ETL tool vendors providing EII via data integration services built using traditional graphical data flows and published as web services

In the first category the vendors with federated query EII products include

  • Business Objects Data Federator
  • BEA AquaLogic Data Services
  • Composite Software Information Server
  • Denodo
  • IBM WebSphere Federation Server (formerly WebSphere Information Integrator) and IBM Information Server
  • Ipedo XIP
  • Metamatrix
  • Sybase Avaki
  • XAware

It is also the case that several ETL data integration vendors have extended their data integration tools to support EII. These vendors include:

  • Ab Initio
  • Business Objects – Data Integrator
  • IBM – WebSphere DataStage SOA Edition
  • Informatica – PowerCenter
  • Microsoft – SQL Server Integration Services
  • Oracle – Warehouse Builder
  • SAS – Data Integration Studio


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