Flood Gates on Operational BI on the Verge Of Breaking Wide Open

It seems that everywhere I look the number of vendors gearing up for Operational BI is just massing as if awaiting an onslaught on the market. Among them include HP, IBM, InforSense, Progress, Tibco, SL, ThinkAnalytics and many more. Key to this is event driven data integration, in-memory data, predictive analytics and rules engines. Vendors like SL have even released a data cache for in-memory analytics with its RTView product. Progress is also pushing with its Aparma product and long term pioneer ThinkAnalytics are also doing well. Clearly the giants are also moving to get all their pieces in play. IBM’s acquisition of German rules vendor iLOG looks like it could also be used in the world of on-demand and automated decisioning. Also SAP Business Objects Labs have released a prototype on event-driven BI and seem to be partnering with SPSS on predictive analytics.

It’s all heating up, yet in the UK it staggers me the number of companies that are not seeing the benefit of these emerging technologies. Some verticals would reap massive benefits by exploiting this technology. If you are interested in Operational BI drop me an email at info@intelligentbusiness.biz


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