Chief Data Officer Forum 2018

6 June, 2018 – Warsaw, Poland


This is the fifth edition of the Chief Data Officer Forum conference. The time has come for a digital transformation in which digital penetrates more and more with data, BI bosses and analysts emancipate themselves into business partners, data professionals are a sought-after class of specialists, and more and more companies understand why data should be treated as a value creating resource.

Data professionals must be ready to effectively support digital transformation and implement business strategies of their organizations. The key are quality and order in data, construction of a suitably high information management culture, and mature Data Governance processes.

Much remains to be done – it is a time of ever faster changes. Hence the need to exchange experiences and best practices, promote knowledge, build a community of professionals from data. This is the mission of the CDO Forum conference.

Mike Ferguson will be giving the following keynote:

Smart Data Management – How to quickly build value for business at a time when the complexity of data environments is constantly increasing


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