Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit 2021

30 June – 1 July 2021

It is evident that data is central to our society and our organizations. Increasingly, organizations want to do more with data. They want to use data more widely, more efficiently and more effectively to speed up and improve business and decision-making processes. Data must be used for many forms of data consumption, including simple reports, self-service dashboards, customer-driven BI, data science, streaming analytics, and embedded BI. This has raised the bar for IT systems. The good news is that technologies and techniques exist to make the wildest data dreams come true.

This edition of the DW&BI Summit focuses on those new developments and new forms of data consumption. Topical and practical topics are discussed, such as: Which technology should be used for streaming analytics and for the development of embedded BI in customer-facing applications? Because many organizations are migrating to cloud platforms, answers will be given to questions such as: Are the design guidelines for cloud databases changing and what are the recent challenges organizations encounter when they migrate?

But it is not only technology, data architectures are also widely discussed. What are the requirements we set for sustainable data architectures? What exactly does a data mesh entail and what is the relationship with a well-developed data strategy?

Some topics that will be covered these days:

  • What is a distributed data mesh data architecture and what can we learn from it?
  • Which design rules and technologies are available for developing streaming analytics?
  • Embedded BI in customer-facing applications: practical approach and lessons learned
  • Working with an incremental data warehouse architecture for value creation
  • Industrialization of data science models by embedding them within applications
  • What lessons have we learned when migrating our data warehouses to the cloud?
  • BI to AI, how far are we really?
  • What can we learn from Shell’s experiences with the meta data-driven OSDU data platform?
  • Use of gamification and data literacy in building a data strategy according to DMBOK (DAMA Body Of Knowledge)
  • What are the new guidelines for physical design of cloud databases?
  • RIVM’s experiences in setting up the Corona dashboard under great pressure.
  • How to develop sustainable data architectures and what is the influence on design rules?

The DW&BI Summit offers practical guidelines, tools and do’s and don’ts to support current and upcoming issues. You will meet well-known speakers and thought leaders from the Netherlands and abroad and representatives of large international organizations such as NN, Randstad and Shell. Our line-up includes Barry Devlin, Mike Ferguson, Jeroen Alblas, Bas Geerdink, Marc de Haas, Johan Krebbers, Martijn van Rooijen, Gertjan van het Hof, Hans Pannekoek, Mark van der Veen, Peter Vieveen, Rogier Werschkull and Rick van der Lans. This top-tier line-up of speakers is eager to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Mike Ferguson will be giving the following presentation at this event:

Guidelines for Migrating your Data Warehouse to the Cloud


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