Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit 2016

International DW/BI conference with Krish Krishnan, Mike Ferguson, Rick van der Lans, Jan Henderyckx and Daragh O’Brien

The focus of this year’s DW&BI Summit is very much on How!  How do you transform your existing BI systems into future-proof BI systems. We know that many new tools and technologies are available that allow users to develop their own reports, to store and analyse big data, tools to develop logical data warehouses, but for most organisations the key question is still How? How should you use these tools and technologies correctly, how do you govern self-service BI, how do you migrate from a physical to a logical data warehouse, how do you prepare yourselves for the EU regulations for data privacy, how do you design your data visualisations effectively, and so on. The 2016 edition is all practical guidelines and do’s and don’ts.

International speakers such as Mike Ferguson, Krish Krishnan, and Daragh O’Brien together with national speakers, such as Rick van der Lans, Harm van der Lek, Jan Henderyckx, Pieter den Hamer, Lex Pierik, and Emiel van Bockel are coming to share their wealth of experience with the attendees. In general, attending the BI&DW Summit helps organisations to upgrade their current BI systems to future-proof BI systems, systems in which analysis of big data has been added, in which streaming data plays a role for real-time analytics, and in which self-service is more governed. Some of the main topics that will be discussed these two days:

  • Setting up an Agile Data Strategy for the Modern Enterprise
  • Incorporating Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL in BI Systems
  • Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Big Data Implementation
  • Preparing for the new EU regulations on data privacy
  • Aspects of data modelling for data warehouses
  • Guidelines for designing and implementing data lakes and data hubs
  • Guidelines for developing a logical data warehouse
  • The importance of effective data visualisation
  • Is business innovation possible without big data and analytics?
  • How can self-service BI be governed?
  • Operational Analytics in a SQL and NoSQL world

Mike Ferguson will be giving the following presentations:

“Operational Analytics in a SQL and NoSQL World”

“An Agile Data Strategy for the Modern Enterprise – Regaining Order in a Sea of Data Chaos”