Improving Agility Along the Value Chain with the Logical Data Warehouse

Denodo Webinar with Mike Ferguson

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 | 10:30h CEST / 09:30h BST

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While companies focus on obtaining a holistic view of their data to make insight-driven decisions, IT departments struggle with the uncontrollable growth of hundreds of data silos and different information systems that prevent them from delivering true business value.

The fact is traditional data integration approaches are no longer sufficient to support fast data flow in organisations. Data is being replicated and fragmented and this slows down reporting processes and makes it even more difficult to obtain visibility of the entire enterprise.

Data virtualisation can complement and boost data warehousing and ETL technologies by building a sort of “Logical Data Warehouse” abstraction layer, which facilitates broader and faster data integration across the enterprise. This technology does not only reduce waste produced by constant manual reconciliation of data, but it also brings visible benefits to the business in terms of company revenues, margins, and organisational efficiency.

C-level executives want agility despite the fact data is hard to access. This session looks at operational and analytical problems caused by data fracturing and looks at how data virtualisation can minimise business impact, improve agility and help widen profit margins.

The session includes:

  • The impact of distributed data on the business
  • The impact of cloud and on-premise computing on the value chain
  • The challenge of calculating KPIs across a fractured value chain
  • Improving business performance and agility using data virtualisation
    • Achieving integrated operational reporting across the value chain in a hybrid computing environment
    • Reporting across a distributed value chain
    • Modernising traditional data warehouses to reduce costs using data virtualisation and virtual data marts
    • Reducing time to value in the logical data warehouse
  • Data virtualisation use cases by Mark Pritchard, Director, Sales Engineering at Denodo