International Data, BI & Analytics Conference: Building the Data Driven Smart Enterprise

22-23 June, 2017 – Rome

Mike Ferguson will be chairing and speaking at this conference.

The Conference aims to provide an update on Data, BI & Analytics and how it fits together and how you can use it to maximize business value. It tries to show the latest advances in technology to help improve your understanding of when to use what where and for what business purpose. It tries to help get more out of Analytics while introducing governance, flexibility, agility and your existing analytical environment.

Main Topics
  • All The Way From BI to AI
  • Data Vault Modeling for the Agile Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Automation – Time to stop Hand-Crafting Your Information Environment
  • Migrating to Virtual Data Marts and Logical Data Warehouse Using Data Virtualization
  • Machine Learning for Business
  • Using text and graph Analytics to create Business Value
  • Getting ready for Fast Data – Introducing Streaming Analytics into the Enterprise
  • The Power (and Pitfalls) of Modern Data Visualization – New Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Governance in the Age of Self-Service Analytics
  • Getting ready for GDPR – Implementing Data Privacy in a Modern Analytical Ecosystem

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