International Data Management & Analytics Conference

In this new digital era, many organisations want to become data driven and led by analytics. The key question is how do you achieve this? What is it that you need to do? How do you deal with the deluge of data now pouring into the enterprise? How do you remain compliant and stay within EU regulations on data? How do you stay agile in a world where data is becoming increasingly distributed? How do you handle data governance when data is scattered across OLTP and Analytical RDBMSs, the Cloud, NoSQL databases, Hadoop clusters and many other file systems? How do you overcome the potential chaos of business led, self-service BI and self-service data preparation? How do you harness shadow IT and turn it into citizen data science? How do you maximise the potential of predictive and advanced analytics? How do you deal with ‘the Internet of Things?’ How do you integrate Big Data into your existing analytical architecture?

This year’s Conference focuses on getting the foundations right to create a modern, data-driven, analytic enterprise. It offers guidelines to help you transition to an integrated analytical environment while continuing to deliver business value.

Main Topics

  • A Modern Analytics Platform for the Data driven Enterprise
  • Data Governance 101
  • Predictive and Advanced Analytics using Data Mining Tools and Apache Spark
  • Analysing The Internet of Things
  • A Truthful Art: Visualisation Principles for Everyone
  • An Agile Data Strategy for the Modern Enterprise – Regaining Order in a sea of Data Chaos
  • Ensuring Data Quality in a Self-Service Data Preparation Environment
  • Integrating Agile and Traditional Analytical Environments
  • Visualisation and Infographics for Effective Communication
  • Experiences with the Logical Data Warehouse

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