Achieving Governance, Agility and Reduced Time to Value In An Increasingly Complex Data Landscape (Big Data LDN Meetup)

In most organisations, the demand to analyse data continues to grow exponentially. New data from many new data sources are now being captured and new types of data stores are being created on multiple clouds as well as on-premise data centres. The result is that the data landscape is becoming increasingly more complex, making it harder to find, govern and prepare data for analysis. Yet the promise of AI brings the expectation that data and analytics will deliver agility, improve effectiveness, significantly reduce time to value and provide so much competitive advantage that it will transform the business. So, the question is, how can you make this happen? How do you modernise your data architecture and your data warehouses to provide trusted data, leverage data science and integrate analytical systems in a hybrid environment while also speeding up the ability to deliver value? In this session, Mike Ferguson will highlight some of the key things that can be done to make this possible.


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