Enterprise Data Fabric – The Key To Building A Data-Driven Enterprise (Big Data LDN & Denodo)

This session looks at the emergence of Enterprise Data Fabric and its role in a modern enterprise. It firstly defines what enterprise data fabric is and why it has become strategically important in a multi-cloud hybrid computing environment. It also looks at the component capabilities that enable it and how these fit together to help connect to, simplify access, manage, govern and orchestrate the ingestion, discovery, cataloguing, cleansing, transformation, integration and analysis of data in a distributed computing environment. Finally it looks at data virtualisation and why it is a critical part of an enterprise data fabric solution

  • What is enterprise data fabric?
  • Why do you need it?
  • What are the components of an enterprise data fabric offering and what role do these components have?
  • How does Enterprise data fabric, the data catalog and AI work together?
  • Why is Data virtualisation a critical capability in an enterprise data fabric solution?
  • Use Cases and examples of companies who have built a data fabric using Data Virtualisation


Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies

Paul Moxon, Denodo

Andy Steed, Big Data LDN


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