Regaining Control of your Data with Enterprise Information Management

In many organizations the data landscape has become increasingly complex with duplicate applications and processes in different geographies or lines of business, cloud based applications, multiple data warehouses and analytical appliances, big data platforms, content management systems and also numerous file stores holding documents and other content. There is no doubt that data is becoming increasingly more distributed harder to manage. It is not surprising that many organizations suffer from data problems including inconsistent reference and master data, inconsistent data names and policies, poor data quality, poor information protection, and piecemeal project oriented approaches to data integration. In this webinar, Mike Ferguson, looks at why we are now at the tipping point where EIM is needed as a core competency to bring your data under control. He discusses what needs to be in an EIM strategy and what needs to get done to implement EIM including

  • Why EIM and why now?
  • Key elements in an EIM strategy
  • Data governance operating models and methods
  • EIM implementation


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