The Great Data Debate (Big Data LDN 2018)

About: In the last few years, data and analytics have become strategic in many organisations with the demand for data skyrocketing. However, while demand is high, data complexity has got worse. We now have thousands of data sources and multiple types of data stored both on the cloud and on premise. Also, we have seen major disruption in the market with wave after wave of technology, ranging from new data stores to self-service tools and analytical libraries appearing and entering enterprises. Yet despite the complexity, business is demanding more agility and better productivity to reduce time to value. So how do we solve this? How should we deal with the challenge of complexity and still govern data? What should be do about data management and how will machine learning help? What does the future hold? How should you plan going forward? To answer these questions and to discuss where we are headed, Big Data LDN has assembled a unique panel of some of the world’s leaders in data management, who have come together to debate data. The panellists include Turing Award winner Dr Michael Stonebraker the inventor of Ingres, Postgres, Illustra, Vertica, Streambase and now CTO of Tamr. Also, Dan Wolfson, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Data & Analytics, IBM Watson Media & Weather, Raghu Ramakrishnan, Global CTO for Data at Microsoft, Doug Cutting co-creator of Hadoop and Chief Architect of Cloudera and Phillip Radley Chief Data Architect at BT.

The Great Data Debate panel will be hosted by Big Data LDN conference chairman and independent industry analyst Mike Ferguson, who himself is a former chief architect of Teradata and a co-founder of Codd & Date with Dr Ted Codd, inventor of the relational model and Chris Date, author of so many books on relational databases.


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