The Great Data Debate – Data & Analytics in the Cloud (Big Data LDN 2019)

Synopsis: Great Data Debate keynote panel discussion at Big Data LDN, the focus is on Data and Analytics in the Cloud. Senior executives on some of the world’s major technology vendors will join Mike Ferguson, Conference Chairman of Big Data LDN to discuss issues such as:

  • Key benefits of doing data and analytics in the cloud
  • The challenges in managing data and analytics across multiple clouds and on-premises data stores
  • The importance of data architecture in this complex data landscape
  • The issue of privacy with respect to customer data analytics on the cloud and how it relates to GDPR
  • Data warehousing on the cloud
  • Migration of analytical systems to a cloud computing environment – how are vendors helping?
  • DataOps – Implementing a continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/ CD) approach to developing analytics for cloud and on-premises deployment
  • How AI can help us automate tasks and help us manage data?
  • Integration of cloud based analytics with existing operational and analytical systems
  • Critical success factors going forward


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